Rockin' Holiday Blend
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Rockin' Holiday Blend + Organic


Solid medium body with unmistakable spice. It's distinct, it's different, and it's unforgettable. People have been known to hoard this blend, so guzzle it while it lasts.

It's as sweet and complex as any family gathering.  

What makes our Holiday Blend ROCKIN??  
Throughout the year, we have the fortunate task of tasting coffees as they make their way through our doors from all around the world.  At the roaster we spend oodles of time figuring out the best ways to apply heat and airflow, the perfect temperatures and lengths of roast time for each batch.  While the immediate results of this work is coffee we get excited about, it also lets us see which of these coffees will have what we need to orchestrate the flavor for the Holiday Blend. 

By September of each year and like elves in the workshop, we hammer away at our tastiest Holiday recipes, finding exact roast levels that bring out particular flavors. We want this coffee to hold-up to fruitcake, eggnog and our neighbors' ginger snap cookies.
It's ready to enjoy.

Congo [CGS], Congo Muungano [CGM], Ethiopia Unwashed Royal [ETO], Ethiopia Washed [ETF], Sumatra [SUG]
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