Keeping Your French Press and Pour Over Coffee Warm

Recently, we published Best Coffee (Pour Over VS. French Press) which compared the pros and cons of the two methods. However, we forgot one of the most important cons: it is difficult to keep coffee warm when using either of these methods (a big thanks to Stephanie G for pointing this out!) Here we will look at options for keeping your coffee warm and reheating when you must.

Keeping Coffee Warm

Thermos Method: Prepare your thermos by pouring hot water into it first. This will heat the interior and help you avoid losing any heat when the coffee is poured in. Pour out the hot water just before you add the coffee.

Use Smaller Opaque Mugs: Both large/wide mugs and glass mugs will cool coffee faster than a small ceramic mug. Glass is not as insulating, and a wide mug will create a larger surface area on the coffee for the air to cool. There are also insulated mugs that are designed to keep heat in.

Towel Method: Wrap your glass French press in a thick kitchen towel to keep it warm while brewing. Alternatively, if you are in the market for a new French press, consider a metal press which will keep heat in better than glass.

Hot Plate/Warming Element: Using a hot plate to keep your coffee warm can also work. However, this method may change the flavor of your coffee especially if the heating element is hot enough to scorch the coffee.

Reheating Options

Microwave Reheating: Reheating is really not ideal. However, if you must reheat, your microwave is the best tool for the job. You just need to be careful not to let the coffee boil. Start with just 20 seconds and work your way up if it is not warm enough. This short heating time will minimize the change in flavor.

Stovetop: The stove may seem like a better choice for reheating, but this method is prone to scorching or burning the coffee. It is not recommended.

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