Our Roasting Process: An Interview with Larry’s Master Roaster

In this article we will look at what goes into creating unique coffee roasts and the exciting changes happening on the world of coffee. We will also look at how a professional coffee roaster makes his own morning cup of coffee.

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Why Choose Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair trade coffee is an important part of creating a global economy that benefits growers, consumers and the environment. But what is fair trade exactly? Is paying extra for fair trade really helping those who need it or is it just a label that looks good for a brand?

The truth is that fair trade goes a long way to making coffee growers' lives better which, in turn, empowers them to use more sustainable practices while also producing higher quality beans. Good for growers. Good for the environment. Good for your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Here we will shed light on how choosing fair trade can help people around the world now and into the future.

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Keeping Your French Press and Pour Over Coffee Warm

Recently, we published Best Coffee (Pour Over VS. French Press) which compared the pros and cons of the two methods. However, we forgot one of the most important cons: it is difficult to keep coffee warm when using either of these methods (a big thanks to Stephanie G for pointing this out!) Here we will look at options for keeping your coffee warm and reheating when you must.

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Coffee Subscription: Options for Everyone

Not sure if a coffee subscription is right for you? Many people avoid subscriptions because they think they will be a hassle to cancel or that they will not be able to get the options they want such as choosing the grind type. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Larry's Coffee offers both k-cup subscriptions and fair trade coffee subscriptions that you can choose to receive as frequently as once a week or as little as once a month. This ensures you always have your favorite coffee on hand, freshly ground and ready to brew.

Here we will look at coffee subscription options and why this might be the best way to get your coffee fix.

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What is a Holiday Coffee Blend?

What makes a holiday coffee blend different from the roasts you see all year round? The truth is, there are as many answers to that as there are roasters that sell holiday coffee. For some roasters, the only thing seasonal about their seasonal blend is the packaging. It is just as true that a holiday coffee can be handcrafted and specially roasted to pair well with the foods and spirit of the season.

Here we will look at what makes a good holiday blend so festive and holiday coffee tips that will make your brew extra special this season.

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How to Brew the Best Coffee (Pour Over Vs. French Press)

To press or pour? That is the question. In recent years, manual home coffee brewing has rapidly grown in popularity as consumers seek to make coffee that is as good or better than what they can find in chain coffee shops. This has led many coffee lovers to French presses and Pour-over coffee makers.

Here we'll look at the difference between French Press and Pour Over along with tips and tricks for how to brew coffee with each method.

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Why Coffee Grind Size Matters

What's the difference between a cup of rich, roasty coffee and a mug of sour dish water-like brew? It could be the size of your coffee grounds. Coffee can be ground all the way from extra fine to extra coarse and this is more than just personal preference. The size of your grind will determine the best way for you to get your brew done.

In this post we will look at the best way to grind coffee based on the brewing method you want to use. We will also look at the science behind why coffee grind size matters and other coffee brewing tips.

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Organic Coffee: Better for You and the Planet

With almost 20 billion pounds of coffee produced annually, coffee is among the top beverages consumed in the world and is number one in the United States. Why is this important? Because while coffee is the most popular beverage, it is also the most chemical-treated crop that we consume.

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