Facilities Outside

SOLAR - Around this bend are the solar collectors that heat our Radiant Floors. (Especially comfy on the tootsies!)

LOCAL BIODIESEL -  Filling up w/ B100 brewed locally in Pittsboro by our friends at Carolina BioFuels.

RECLAIMATION & REUSE - Local Artist, Jeff Hurr, made our gate using reclaimed materials.

NATURAL DAYLIGHT - Let the sunshine in! This "clearstory" we built into the plant saves us loads od power and gives us tons of natural light.

COMPOSTING - Taking out the compost (which we will use in our veggie garden!)

RAINWATER HARVESTING - 500 Gallons of harvested rainwater. There are another 4 tanks around the side, totaling 2,500 gallons.  We use it to run our bathrooms and water our gardens.

ANIMAL COMPANION - Want to start thinking about living in a way that treats animals better? Check out our Animal Companion page.


Facilities Inside

NATURAL DAYLIGHT - Our giant "clearstory" saves energy & makes prettier light than any bulbs.

INSULATION - State-o-the-art spray foam insulation keeps us toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.

ZONE HEATING - Zone heating saves energy by only using it where folks are working.

SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - While still trying to find a true compostable or recyclable bag that will keep our coffee fresh, we are doing what we can by offering recyclable k-cups.

REFLECTIVE FLOORING - Sunlight from the "clearstory" bounces up from our special reflective floor paint.

ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE & SHADE GROWN - All the beans being slow-roasted here are 100% Organic, Fair Trade and Shade Grown

COMPOSTING - In the parking lot, lives our worm bin, we keep our food out of landfills by feeding it back the the earth, via the worms!