1. Natural Daylighting
Our giant "clearstory" saves energy & makes prettier light than any blubs.
2. Insulation
State-o-the-art spray foam insulation keeps us toasty in the winter an cool in the summer.
3. Zone Heating
Zone heating saves energy by only using it where folks are working.
4. Sustainable Packaging
Ned is packaging up fresh-roasted beans in our biodegradable bags.
5. Reflective Flooring
Sunlight from the "clearstory" bounces up from our special reflective floor paint.
6. Organic, Fair Trade & Shade
All the beans being slow-roasted here are 100% Organic, Fair Trade, & Shade Grown!
7. Composting
Out back and to the left is our worm composting tank, keeping our food waste out of landfills.


1. Use Veggie Oil
"Aaah, smells like donut!" Filtering used veggie oil to power the delivery bus.
2. Solar
Around this bend are the solar collectors that heat our radiant floors. (Especially comfy on the tootsies!)
3. Local Biodiesel
Fillin' up w/ B100 brewed locally in Pittsboro by our friends Piedmont Biofuels.
4. Reclamation & Reuse
Local artist, Jeff Hurr, made our gate using reclaimed materials.
5. Natural Day Lighting
Let the sunshine in! This "clearstory" we built into the plant saves us loads of power and gives us tons.
6. Composting
Taking out the compost (which we'll use in our veggie garden!)
7. Rainwater Harvesting
500 gallons of harvested rainwater. There are another 4 tanks around the side, totaling 2,500 gallons. We use it to run our bathrooms and water our gardens.
8. Veggie Bus
All local deliveries are made by our veggie bus. Look for it on the road!
9. Animal Companion
Want to start thinking about living in a way that treats animals better? Checkout our Animal Companions page.