Pisgah Sunrise Blend

Pisgah Sunrise Blend + Organic

  • 8 oz Bag ($14.00)
Grind / Whole
SOUTHERN FORESTS SUPPORT US ALL. LET’S SUPPORT THEM BACK. From wild Appalachians to ancient coastal wetlands, Southern forests are home to plant and animals found nowhere else on Earth.They give us clean air, water and a place to rest and reflect. Based in Asheville, NC, Dogwood Alliance protects these priceless jewels with a high-integrity duo of unshakeable tenacity and business smarts. To help, we will donate 15% from sales of this coffee.
Sumatra and Nicaragua are blended together and roasted just to the edge of second crack, dark enough for the caramelization to take on a slight hint of smokiness and bite. Then, Ethiopian coffee is roasted fully into second crack and blended into the batch, which imparts a forceful bit of fruitiness into the blend. Inspired by a hike along Linville Gorge in Pisgah National Forest.