El Salvador Dali Blend

El Salvador Dali Blend + Organic

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  • 12 oz Bag ($16.00)
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  • 5 lb Bag ($89.00)
Grind / Whole

Surrealism manifests in many places, including the appealing blur of sweet flavors in this blend of Central and South American coffees.  Mellow enough to appear mild-mannered on the surface; the perspective seems to change the more you submerge into the depths of this intriguing cup. Caramel, brown sugar, rich chocolate, and vanilla notes drift in a full-bodied brew. 

Nuanced application of heat during the roast allows the individual components, acidities to soften and intertwine with one another, resembling the sugary sweetness of a toasted marshmallow.  It all resolves into an endless finish that brings to mind dulce de leche.
Dark mellow and creamy with a surprising hint of smores!