Costa Little Ricky Blend

$ 15.50 / 12 oz Bag

This light-roasted blend of American coffees is a bright and snappy experience caused by the unique collision of acidities in the cup. 

Tangy and sweet, like citrus and honey, this is a lively cup with slight hints of almond flavor present within its light-bodied smoothness.  Only super-clean washed coffees can hold up to the roast profile for this coffee, which tends to be our lightest blend. 
Once the coffee gets through first crack, it becomes a precision-focused task of watching the surface of the beans as they begin to smooth out. The window of time for deciding when to finish this roast is a matter of seconds.


  • 12 oz Bag ($15.50)
  • 5 lb Bag ($89.00)
  • 2lb Bag ($36.00)