Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty + Organic


Dark, sweet, complex, and bold, this coffee was crafted especially for Kitty Kinnin in 2010 for the Foundation of Hope.

10% of proceeds goes to the Foundation of Hope.

The Foundation of Hope is a North Carolina based organization that strives to eliminate suffering from mental illness. They do this by providing funds for critical research focused on the root causes and potential treatments for mental illness — while raising awareness of the issues to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Like the Foundation of Hope, Larry’s Coffee believes everyone with mental illness deserves successful treatment and community acceptance.  


The rich earthiness of Sumatra melds with the sweet bright berry notes of unwashed Ethiopia, taken to a full and robust roast that's dark without being burnt. A dark roasted Bolivia is blended to unite it all with a rich, creamy body and a hint of chocolate that weaves throughout, resolving in a long and lingering sugary aftertaste. It's rich, it's unique, it's complex.

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Bolivia [BOA], Ethiopia Unwashed [ETT], Sumatra [SUG]
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