Sammy Decaf Jr Blend

Sammy Decaf Jr Blend + Organic

$ 16.75 / 12 oz Bag

We bring our philosophy on dark roasting to the decaf world with this one. We take extra time in the roaster to allow the caramelization of sugars to occur, leading to a sweet cocoa-like flavor that lasts and lasts.  
Meticulous attention is paid during the roasting process, as the delicate nature of dark roasting decaffeinated coffee can lead to disastrous results otherwise.


This is one of our proud, bottomless cup of flavor. Too good to believe it's decaf.

  • 12 oz Bag ($16.75)
  • 2lb Bag ($39.50)
  • 5 lb Bag ($89.00)
Grind / Whole