42 Series - Rwanda Agaseke Women's Group
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42 Series - Rwanda Agaseke Women's Group +


The women of Agaseke are members of the Kopakaki Dutegere Cooperative located in the Karongi District in the Western Province of Rwanda. To overcome gender inequality in the area, Kopakaki has established 27 small women’s farming groups, including Agaseke. These women have long been leaders within the cooperative. Now, with their own established group and ability to process their coffee separately, they have full traceability and the ability to market their coffee under their group’s name.

Over the years the Kopakaki Dutegere Cooperative has invested heavily in the local community, giving the farmers access to electricity and water, financial incentives through training and assistance to improve yields and quality, as well as access to export markets. This has allowed its members to afford school fees, pay for health insurance, and has helped assist in repairing homes in the community when they have been damaged by severe weather conditions.

This offering clearly displays the women’s talent, skill, and hard work, from farming practices to processing techniques, resulting in a delightful coffee that we are pleased to offer.


Rwanda Ageseke
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