Kalita Wave

- 1:16 ratio
- 25g Coffee
- Grind medium (16 on the Baratza Encore)
- 400ml water
- Pour water in a circular motion for each pour, beginning in the middle of the bed of
grounds and working your way to the outside, saturating all of the coffee.
- 60ml bloom, stir grounds with back of spoon
- At 30 seconds pour 100ml
- At 45 seconds pour 60ml
- At 1 minute pour 60ml
- At 1:15 pour 60ml
- At 1:45 pour 60ml
- Finish 2:30-3 minutes total

Home Drip Coffee Maker

- 1:17 ratio
- 60g Coffee
- Grind medium-course (18 on the Baratza Encore)
- 1020ml water
- This recipe was tested on a Moccamaster and a Behmor home brewer
- Do not use the carafe your coffee is brewed in to fill the water reservoir, it will make
cleaning your drip coffee maker more difficult.


- 1:17 ratio
- 20g Coffee
- Grind medium (15-16 on the Baratza Encore)
- 340ml water
- 205f water
- Brew time: 3 ½ - 4 minutes
- 60g bloom, swirl grinds, wait 45 sec
- 70g second pour at 45 sec
- 70g third pour at 1 min 30 sec
- 70g fourth pour at 2 min 15 sec
- 70g final pour at 3 min
- Finish 3:30 – 4 min


- 1:16 ratio
- 40g coffee
- Grind medium-course (20 on the Baratza Encore)
- 650ml water
- Brew time: 4-5 minutes

- Use back of spoon to create a divot in the center of the coffee
- Pour 100ml for a 30 second bloom, swirl the Chemex to remove clumping
- At 30 seconds pour another 100ml and swirl again
- At 1 minute pour 200ml rapidly, swirl ever so slightly
- At 2 minutes pour 150ml
- At 3 minutes pour the final 100g
- The coffee should finish between 4-5 minutes, serve and enjoy!


- 1:16 ratio
- 18g Coffee
- Grind medium fine (12-13 on the Baratza Encore)
- 288ml water
- 202-205f water
- Steep time: 1-2 minutes
- Add filter to cap, twist cap onto chamber; stand chamber on sturdy mug or carafe.
- Wet the filter with a splash of hot water. Discard the water before next step.
- Add one rounded scoop of coffee (18g), ground medium fine, to chamber; tap to level.
- Add water to the top of the chamber, stir back; forth with aeropress paddle or spoon
handle, gently place the plunger just on the top of the chamber to create a pressurized
brewing space. Then let brew for 1.5-2 minutes
- Gently press the plunger down with even spacing of your hands – pausing when you feel
resistance–until plunger reaches grounds. You should hear a gentle hissing noise as the
pressure releases.
- Remove filter cap, push plunger to eject used coffee; rinse seal with hot water

French Press

- 1:16 ratio
- 30g Coffee
- Grind course (28 on the Baratza Encore)
- 500ml Water
- Water Temp: 205-212 Fahrenheit
- Steep time: 4 minutes
- Do not plunge the coffee during brewing
- When plunging after brew is complete, be gentle

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