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This 10oz Diner Mug with our signature hat on one side and the following quote on the back, is a must have on the trail or in the garage.

"Love everything you can. Love your middle name, your pajamas, your car keys, the rain, alarm clocks, toll booths...LOVE YOUR COFFEE!"

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THE Cowboy Mug
This 15oz Cowboy Mug is the mug of choice for many of us here at the bean plant. We love this mug and we know you will too.

One side has our dancing mascot and reads, "A Larry's Beans Tumbleweed Production."

The other side reads, "Get your Yippie Ki-Yay On! [Bareback, Organic, Fair Trade, Praire-approved.]"

The inside is waiting for your favorite single origin or blend of Larry's Coffee!