Coffee Subscription: Options for Everyone

Not sure if a coffee subscription is right for you? Many people avoid subscriptions because they think they will be a hassle to cancel or that they will not be able to get the options they want such as choosing the grind type. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Larry's Coffee offers both k-cup subscriptions and fair trade coffee subscriptions that you can choose to receive as frequently as once a week or as little as once a month. This ensures you always have your favorite coffee on hand, freshly ground and ready to brew.

Here we will look at coffee subscription options and why this might be the best way to get your coffee fix.

Coffee Subscription Options

Coffee subscriptions are all about customization. Choose your bean, your grind and your frequency of delivery to always have your favorites or to try new varieties. Larry's offers fair trade, organic beans in dozens of varieties along with convenient k-cups.

Worried you will end up with too much coffee or not enough? With our coffee subscriptions, you control how much and how often you get deliveries. Running low? Use our extra 10% off for subscribers and save on all additional purchases. Have too much? Put your subscription on hold or change the frequency by logging into your account.

Customizing Your Subscription

Larry's fair trade coffee subscription and k-cup subscription options work with your palate, schedule, and preferred brewing method. Customize your subscription by:

  • Choose Your Coffee Type: Larry's offers more than three dozen bagged coffee varieties, seasonal blends and k-cups. Stick to your favorites or try something different every month. We offer fair trade and organic options in varieties ranging from our deliciously creamy Bolivia light roast to our sweet and complex dark roast, Bad Kitty.
  • Choose Your Grind: We offer both whole bean and ground coffee. When you choose ground coffee, we grind your beans just before shipping to ensure the best and freshest quality possible. Not sure what grind type you need? Check out our blog on Why Grind Size Matters, your comprehensive guide to choosing the best grind for each coffee-making method.
  • Choose Your Frequency: Have your freshly ground organic coffee subscription or k-cup subscription delivered to your door on your schedule. Choose deliveries that arrive once a week, once a month or something in between.

Perks of a Larry's Coffee Subscription

Along with bringing our customers the finest in fair trade coffee subscriptions, Larry's offers exclusive perks and discounts for our subscribers.

Save 10% on All Orders

Need more coffee before your subscription arrives? Along with 10% off on your subscription orders, each additional order you place during your subscription time will also be eligible for 10% off. This means you can grab extra bags for yourself, friends and family at a great discount even on one-time purchases.

Cancel at Anytime

Life changes and so do your coffee needs. Cancel or pause your subscription at any time before your next order ships and we will gladly adjust your account as needed. Sign back up at any time to continue receiving 10% off.

Flat Shipping Fees

Every order ships for a flat fee of $5.95. Spend $75 or more, and shipping is absolutely free!

Support a Cause

We make it easy to support important causes just by choosing your favorite coffees. A portion of our proceeds from select bean varieties go to causes like supporting Wake County teachers with grants to use on classroom improvement. Try a new variety and support a cause with our For-a-Cause Blends.

Coffee Subscriptions as Gifts

Subscription gifts are an increasingly popular choice as they provide a fun and affordable way to gift friends and loved ones with a variety of items. A fair trade coffee subscription is an especially versatile gift idea that is environmentally conscious as well as being delicious. Let's look at other reasons you should consider the gift of coffee.

Why does a coffee subscription make a great gift?

Crowd Pleasing: Unlike the scented candles and decorative hand towels that get regifted at holiday parties every year, people actually use coffee. According to the International Coffee Organization, more than 50% of U.S. adults report drinking some kind of coffee beverage. Whether you're gifting a known coffee lover, neighbor, or work acquaintance, it is likely that the receiver will enjoy the coffee themselves or have someone in their lives who will appreciate it.

Pay Over Time: At Larry's Coffee, we do not charge your card until the coffee ships. This means if you gift a three month subscription, you will not need to pay the full amount up front.

Sustainability: When you choose a fair trade coffee subscription, you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of coffee growing while also supporting the growers who produce it. To learn more about why a fair trade, organic coffee subscription can help our planet, read Organic Coffee: Better for You and the Planet.

All the Quality, None of the Wrapping: Each organic coffee subscription we send out is ground fresh and handled with care to ensure peak quality. You get to avoid running out for a last minute gift bag and can rest easy knowing your gift will arrive ready to be brewed into the best cup of coffee.

Perfect for Last Minute Gifts: Forgot to pick up something for an office birthday party or a distant cousin who showed up unexpectedly at a family holiday party? Larry's Coffee subscriptions make the perfect instant gift. Place your order with our easy online form. Choose the product, frequency and shipping address and you're all set.

Start Your Subscription Now

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