New Year Coffee Promotion

It doesn't matter if the weather is frightful or delightful, there are so many ways to enjoy the perfectly crafted coffee blends you will find at Larry's Coffee. And with the new year promotion of 22% off your order on 1/6/22 and 1/7/22*, now is the perfect time to load your cart with some of the blends you maybe haven't tasted before, like Cowboy Blend.


Speaking of taste, Larry’s Coffee takes your taste fantasies and turns them into realities. The result is wildly satisfying coffees with deliciously unexpected flavor. From hot coffee to cold coffee, to nitro brews, there is one thing for sure - Larry’s Coffee is THE BEST coffee for beginning and advanced taste explorers.  



Sure, Larry’s Coffee tastes great.  And we’ll get to that in a moment. But there’s no way to craft great coffee without great beans.  And that’s where it all starts.  Every single bean source is 100% Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade Grown Coffee from small family co-op farmers.  Honestly, it really is all about the small farmers.  


Larry’s mission is that businesses can be a force for good, so sourcing only the best organic beans while supporting small family farmers is the only way Larry’s Coffee will craft coffee. Check back later when we highlight some of our favorite farmers.  We think it’s pretty cool to know who and where coffee comes from so we will give you the inside scoop on the origins of our great coffee, too!  In the meantime, we hope you will check out some tastes you haven’t tried yet. 



It’s easy to taste what makes Larry’s Coffee so unique.  Each blend is roasted in-house and crafted to perfection by Head Roaster, Nash, and Production Roaster, Tom. Just like Larry, these COFFEEONADOS (our in-house coffee artisans) have a knack for crafting delicious sips like our Rockin’ Holiday - it’s distinct, different, and completely unforgettable. People have even been known to hoard this one up, so be sure to stock up this month to enjoy this medium bold with just a hint of spice well into January and February.



Let’s be honest here - picking a favorite coffee is like choosing a favorite child. Secretly you might have one, but you can’t actually say it out loud. While all of the roasts at Larry’s Coffee are sipfully delicious, Larry does have a few honorable mentions like the dark roast Awake in Class that gives you a little pick-me-up when the day is longer than the hours in it.  


Another worthy mention from Larry is actually one of the most popular medium roasts - Cowboy Blend boasts a bold and rich mix of Indonesian and American Coffee. It’s just the right balance with buttery smoothness.  And if this coffee were a person, you’d call them ruggedly handsome. There is also something pretty special about Frenchy French, Get Lit, and Bean Martin.



Life is too short to not have fun!  And we think that coffee in your cup leads to new friendships, fun experiences, and good times in general.  So we think you might as well take advantage of Larry’s New Year Promotion and put some coffee in your cup, in your neighbor's cup, and even share with your friends.   


At Larry’s Coffee, you will find passion, compassion, and a strong desire to do good for others. We feel that when you buy something, like Larry’s Coffee, you’re voting for the world you want and encourage everyone to know where the things we and drink originate.  


Hoping to inspire others, employees and customers, to be a greater force for good in their own communities, Larry hopes those that cross paths with Larry’s Coffee will find the willingness and ability to think and explore whatever path suits you at this moment and today. There is never a right or wrong answer and coffee is an experience and a journey, just like everything else in life.


For the freshest roasts and organically-sourced coffee from small family farmers, Larry’s Coffee can be found at their storefront at 1507 Gavin Street in Raleigh, or at these fine coffee retailers throughout the southeast.  Don’t forget to shop online too, at 


*Coupon codes are valid until 11:59 pm EST on 1/7/22. Offer not valid for wholesale accounts or new subscriptions. Offer valid for orders of $35 or more containing Cowboy Blend, Secret Espresso #17, or Larry's House Blend retail products only. Codes: 22COWBOY | 22SECRET17 | 22LARRYSHOUSE