Meet Our Brew Crew

When you first hear about Larry's Coffee, you may think to yourself (or out loud), "Great! Another coffee roaster guy that just likes coffee". Well, you are right! But only partially right. While he is the man behind Larry's Coffee, there is SO MUCH MORE! Let's get to know a little about Larry Larson, then we will introduce you to a few of the roasters behind Larry's Coffee.


When you first meet Larry, it’s fairly obvious that he loves coffee almost as much as he loves people.  His innate passion to craft amazing coffee comes second to his passion to make the world a better place.  From the very beginning, Larry knew what was important - to be as authentic and transparent as possible and to help others along the way.  It’s the way Larry has been his entire life, so it’s no surprise that his business model has the same passion. 


Not long after Larry left graduate school at NC State in 1994, Larry’s passion for coffee deepened from roasting and selling to ensuring only the best shade-grown coffee beans were selected for Larry’s Coffee. 


Larry doesn’t steer far from his passions.  He firmly believes coffee is about starting conversations.  And when you first meet Larry, it is obvious that Larry has pure intentions to craft great coffee that everyone can feel good about. 


From the beginning, Larry knew, without a doubt, that he would only source coffee from small farmers.  That passion led Larry’s Coffee to be a certified Fair Trade Organization and source only the best, 100% organic shade-grown coffees from around the world.  You see, helping small farmers truly is what makes the world go-round.  And for Larry, it is simple:  to craft really great brews that people can feel good about.  “From a delicious morning coffee to a pick-me-up blend in the afternoon, we have something for every coffee lover, “ states Larry.  “Plus”, Larry continues, “we share with our customers where the coffee comes from, who it comes from, and the farmers and the families that we support”. 


When Larry isn’t hanging out at the coffee house, you can find him striking up conversations with new friends and listening to great music and poetry.  Firmly believing that his business can be a source of good in the world, Larry invites those who are looking to make a positive impact on the Larry’s Coffee team. 


Here are a couple of the amazing roasters that you can find at Larry’s Coffee.



Everyone on Larry’s Coffee team is like family and has the same dedication and approach to crafting great coffee - just like Larry. While Larry’s Coffee has nearly fifteen team members and coffee lovers, today we are going to introduce you to Nash and Tom, part of the brew crew.  


Our head roaster, Nash, is grounded in great flavor and the day-to-day roasting operations. Taking inspiration from Larry himself, Nash is committed to crafting the delicious roasts that locals can’t get enough of.  For many of our coffee-loving connoisseurs, Nash crafts everything to be a top-end blend. Knowing that Larry’s Coffee fans drink coffee ALL DAY LONG - Nash puts a lot of time into crafting that good, basic cup of coffee that can be sipped any time of day.


For Nash, it’s an art form that doesn’t stop at the basics, though. Nash puts a lot of time and effort into crafting the right roasts that keep customers coming back for more.  Such as the refined flavor that blends 90% cacao with a few grape flavors to craft a blend that is like drinking fine wine. Nash makes sure that all of their coffee profiles are up-to-date and even takes into account how weather conditions may affect the roasting outcomes of every batch. Nash is a vital part of the Raleigh-based company.


Crafting quality coffee is also a top priority for Tom, our production roaster, who has more than just a love of coffee.  Alongside Nash, Tom has a knack for blending the right flavors for a consistent roast each and every time. Tom has learned a lot about coffee roasting and crafting the best brews since joining Larry’s Coffee.


At Larry’s Coffee, you will find passion, compassion, and a strong desire to do good for others. Hoping to inspire others, employees and customers, to be a greater force for good in their own communities, Larry hopes those that cross paths with Larry’s Coffee will find the willingness and ability to think and explore whatever path suits you at this moment and today. There is never a right or wrong answer and coffee is an experience and a journey, just like everything else in life


For the freshest brew and organically-sourced coffee from small family farmers, Larry’s Coffee can be found in their storefront at 1507 Gavin Street in Raleigh, or at these fine coffee retailers throughout the southeast. 


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