We try to make choices with consequences that are good for our local community, the big human community, our animal friends, and the planet at large. It turns out that our responsible choices end up leading us to new friendships, fun experiences and a good time in general. Pun intended, it's good energy to have fun with responsibility.


One day, it occurred to Larry that every time he turned on a light or booted up his computer, he was voting for removing mountain tops in W. Virginia to fuel coal-fired power plants. That's not what we want, so we went gonzo to reduce our electrical use (we're still working at it). You can read all about our clearstory, solar-powered radiant floors, zoned heating and more at our Facilities page


We house Raleigh's only B100 fueling station, locally brewed in Pittsboro by our friends Piedmont Biofuels.

The Biodiesel Van

All local deliveries are made by our biodiesel van. Look for it on the road!

The Larry's Biobag

IN 2008, WE INTRODUCED THE FIRST BIODEGRADABLE COFFEE BAG. IN 2013, WE STOPPED IT. It sounded awesome—a bag that biodegrades into harmless organic particles. Customers loved it. Environmentalists loved it. We also heard from a few people who didn't love it. After learning more, we realized the non-lovers were right. SO, we are back to plastic bags as we explore our next option, which is most likely going to be a bag accepted by typical municipal recycling systems. Here's a short video about our biobag story.


We have 5 cisterns around the beanplant, totaling 2,500 gallons. We use them to run our bathrooms and water our gardens helping to Conserve Water