10,000 Reasons to Dance:

Larry's Coffee is compiling the universe's first comprehensive list of why dancing is necessary.  Whether you tango, waltz, pogo, or mosh, whether you like to shake a tail feather, or do the twist, we know you've got your reasons.  Add 'em to ours with the form below.

(In the interest of keeping things clean, we need to approve comments first. As we're pretty busy dancing, it may take a few hours for your reasons to appear.)

80) "A joyful expression!"—Patti L., Kernersville

79) "From ballet, modern, to dancing with my son at his wedding, dancing and music is a direct shot of happiness to my soul and I know it must exist in heaven. This is peace."—Susan, Raleigh

78) "When I dance, I worship the Creator of the Universe and feel connected to beauty. "—Sherry Carlstrom, Cary, NC

77) "It unlocks my soul! I am free!"—Ruth J, Morrisville, NC

76) "I have trouble staying still anyway, and it looks less weird than random body jerks. And I love it!"—Dana, Vero Beach, FL

75) "I dance to allow my body to move peacefully through space to music being played, or the music in my head. Pure joy!"—Anna Campbell, Wilmington, NC

74) "it lets me be me!"—Teresa, Henderson, NC

73) "Why not?"—Carlee, Wake Forest, NC

72) "So that my wife laughs so hard that she makes her great squeak sound"—Jeff, Las Vegas, NV

71) "So that I can listen to Bollywood music with my little kids and teach them Hindi as they have fun!"—Chika Gujarathi, Raleigh, NC

70) "I dance to make memories with my ailing mother."—Lisa, Walstonburg, NC

69) "…to fully and joyfully participate in the dance of life…"—Nan, Raleigh, NC

68) "being super-caffeinated all of the time!"—Sarah, Chapel Hill, NC

67) "Because the line for the bathroom is too long."—Jusstin, Raleigh, NC

66) "Redowa: It's the Peter Pan of Dance. To Zoom across the floor, hovering above like little pixies are lifting us from our shoulders. That's magic. And that’s the Redowa!"—Mr. Bean, Raleigh, NC

65) "I dance because I am loved."—Karen, Garner, NC

64) "There's nothing like a good swing during a contra dnace! Plus the connection with your partner and the other dancers."—Kim, Asheville, NC

63) "Dance to remind yourself that you shouldn't be self conscious. ^_^"—Kyu Jones, Irvine, CA

62) "It mortifies my wife when I do it in public"—Chris, Raleigh, NC

61) "To teach my son it doesn't matter what you look like when you're doing it, you should still go ahead and do it."—Kayla Simon, Maryland

60) "I'm Cuban, es en mi sangre, BAILE, SI SE PUEDE!"—Joanna Crell-Arias, Raleigh and la Habana Cuba

59) "Dancing lets out all the joy inside me!"—Spoma, Greensboro, NC

58) "Good for the soul… great way to exercise and keep fit."—Mom, North Las Vegas

57) "To let my spirit fly free."—Ellie, Virginia

56) "Dancing makes you free!"—Abby, Ft. Benning, GA

55) "Psalm 30:11"—Nikki, Little Rock, AK

54) "Without dancing, music is just really cool sounding noise."—Susie, Durham, NC

53) "As Worship… death to my pride. As a love language… wordless communion. As worship… wordless communion. As love language… death to my pride."—Lloyd, Washington, DC

52) "Dancing (when done with abandon) is the one thing that makes all my worries disappear."—Lanya Shapiro, Durham, NC

51) "It adds smiles to the soul."—Pamela, Berwyn, PA

50) "To liberate my inner spirit."—Lorena, Monterrey, Mexico

49) "Dwelling in moments / of clarity, elation / Soaring deep, we dance."—Donia Alexandra, Santa Cruz, CA

48) "Dance is the merging of music with the body, besides, it's sexy."—Debby, Concord, NH

47) "So I can be silly with my three year old."—Renee, Raleigh, NC

46) "When the music starts, I just can't help it. "—Jim Williams, Charlottesville, CA

45) "It brings me closer to ecstacy - my spirit guides dance with me."—Mel, Westfield, VT

44) "It makes my heart feel full!"—Jacky Nelson, Sandy, UT

43) "To celebrate the world."—Elizabeth, Winston Salem, NC

42) "It satisfies the crave"—Bright, Raleigh, NC

41) "there's no sadness while dancing"—Ali, Nevada

40) "It keeps me from taking life too seriously"—Barb, Asheville, NC

39) "it's like ice-skating… My feet, shoes, the wood floor, my partners hands, back and air around her feel as of a single shared plane while moving about. Each step pressing into the grain and the grain pushing back, like air hockey. The barrage of moves."—Larry, Raleigh, NC

38) "Because it's a beautiful day in Boston!"—Laura, Lubbock, TX

37) "I'm inspired to dance because of my 3-year-old daughter (who dances everywhere she goes)!"—Becky, Greensboro, NC

36) "To feel alive and joy."—Maria, Raleigh, NC

35) "Because we'll never accomplish anything just standing still..!"—Ellen, Vermont

34) "Because it's 12:06pm and raining."—Andrew, Raleigh,NC

33) "The world is a ballroom."—Daniel Ramirez, Greensboro, NC

32) "I dance when my insides are happy and the butterflies are trying to get out."—Holly Wagner, Swansea, SC

31) "Because as a big guy, nobody's ever come up to me and said "You know, I expected you to be a better dancer than you are…"—Michael J, KCMO

30) "It's a joyful expression of uninhibited happiness."—Sandra Fergusson, Raleigh, NC

29) "to sing with my feet"—Liz, Philadelphia

28) "Mountain sides a flame with the color of fall"—Kelly, In the Moment

27) "sanity, pure and simple - keeps me sane"—Tanner, New York

26) "Because it makes my boy laugh and join in."—Larry, NC

25) "To reflect and reinforce culturally endemic work patterns."—Horace, Appalachia

24) "There's nothing else to do when theres music (:"—Krinka, Sacremento, CA

23) "Driving down the road, a great song comes on and the hiney dance begins!!! It makes me happy. "—Sharon, Raleigh

22) "Sometimes a girl just has to get her moves out!"—Barbara Norman, Denver, NC

21) "I SMILE SMILE SMILE and experience the moment immensely."—Larry,

20) "Beautiful sunshine and an awesome pot of coffee… first thing in the morning, and last thing in the eve!!! "—Tina Louise, Boone, NC

19) "I'm pretty uptight, but even I can't help but dance sometimes! "—Leah, Phoenix, AZ

18) "It makes me feel like I'm floating and it makes me smile. "—Torrie, NC

17) "Because it is a way to feel pure unadulterated joy! "—Allison, Hot Springs, NC

16) "It's the only way that I can let go of this world and commune directly with God… a straight musical connection of the soul to Heaven. Dancing expresses all that I feel and my thankfulness for God allowing me to be?"—Julie, Raeford, NC

15) "just follow emma goldman's suggestion. Happy (almost) may day, everyone. "—Deborah Grace, Hillsborough, NC

14) "I love music, love you move my body, and dancing is a tradition, Dancing is something I like to do. "—Mariah Miller, Cincinnati, OH

13) "Heaven will be my home, a gift by grace, from Jesus Christ"—Lyndie, Mechanicsburg, IL

12) "Can't control my feet when they hear music!"—Mike, Columbia, SC

11) "THE ASPHALT IS HOT!!!"—Ken, James Island, SC

10) "My two new titanium knees demand it!"—Lacy Maddox, Raleigh, NC

9) "Phish is coming!!!!"—BarefootMama420, Jamestown, NC

8) "It reminds me that I'm a body and a soul, not just a mind."—Ami, East Lansing, MI

7) "Best way to keep you groovy"—Connie, Raleigh, NC

6) "Ants in my pants"—Tim, New York, NY

5) "Larry's in my mug"—Alan W, Southwest Raleigh

4) "Always looking for an excuse!"—Lee Pike, Raleigh, NC

3) "Chicks dig it."—Ernest H, Raleigh, NC

2) "smiles, love, and joy of connecting with my partner."—Larry L, Raleigh, NC

1) "For no reason at all"—Kevin W, Raleigh, NC