10,000 Reasons to Dance:

Larry's Coffee is compiling the universe's first comprehensive list of why dancing is necessary.  Whether you tango, waltz, pogo, or mosh, whether you like to shake a tail feather, or do the twist, we know you've got your reasons.  Add 'em to ours with the form below.

(In the interest of keeping things clean, we need to approve comments first. As we're pretty busy dancing, it may take a few hours for your reasons to appear.)

21) "I SMILE SMILE SMILE and experience the moment immensely."—Larry,

20) "Beautiful sunshine and an awesome pot of coffee… first thing in the morning, and last thing in the eve!!! "—Tina Louise, Boone, NC

19) "I'm pretty uptight, but even I can't help but dance sometimes! "—Leah, Phoenix, AZ

18) "It makes me feel like I'm floating and it makes me smile. "—Torrie, NC

17) "Because it is a way to feel pure unadulterated joy! "—Allison, Hot Springs, NC

16) "It's the only way that I can let go of this world and commune directly with God… a straight musical connection of the soul to Heaven. Dancing expresses all that I feel and my thankfulness for God allowing me to be?"—Julie, Raeford, NC

15) "just follow emma goldman's suggestion. Happy (almost) may day, everyone. "—Deborah Grace, Hillsborough, NC

14) "I love music, love you move my body, and dancing is a tradition, Dancing is something I like to do. "—Mariah Miller, Cincinnati, OH

13) "Heaven will be my home, a gift by grace, from Jesus Christ"—Lyndie, Mechanicsburg, IL

12) "Can't control my feet when they hear music!"—Mike, Columbia, SC

11) "THE ASPHALT IS HOT!!!"—Ken, James Island, SC

10) "My two new titanium knees demand it!"—Lacy Maddox, Raleigh, NC

9) "Phish is coming!!!!"—BarefootMama420, Jamestown, NC

8) "It reminds me that I'm a body and a soul, not just a mind."—Ami, East Lansing, MI

7) "Best way to keep you groovy"—Connie, Raleigh, NC

6) "Ants in my pants"—Tim, New York, NY

5) "Larry's in my mug"—Alan W, Southwest Raleigh

4) "Always looking for an excuse!"—Lee Pike, Raleigh, NC

3) "Chicks dig it."—Ernest H, Raleigh, NC

2) "smiles, love, and joy of connecting with my partner."—Larry L, Raleigh, NC

1) "For no reason at all"—Kevin W, Raleigh, NC