By Ralph Blessing
I pledge allegiance to flag as she continues to steadfastly wave,
Remembering my brothers and sisters and this the home of the free and brave,
I rise each day to greet her and at dusk salute her with heavenly light,
She is my constant companion; it is she that delivers assurance and might.
She has witnessed her days of glory, and those of undeserved shame,
She is the strength for warriors, and for others a pawn in a game,
She will rise to the top each morning, and let others know we are still free,
Or come to a stop in the middle, to recognize the sacrifices for you and me.
We stand for her strong and united, we only kneel to remember the souls,
Of those who have gone before us, who have accomplished God's desired goals,
We will shed tears and stand strong and upon this hallowed ground we will go,
With Old Glory waving in America's winds, this freedom we have come to know.
RJB ‘20
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