By Karyl-Ann Roehl


She gazed out the window at the afternoon sun

I'm tired she said quietly

Stay up late? he asked

No she replied

You probably just need a nap he said

It's not that kind of tired she said

Are you sick? he asked

I don't think so...maybe she said

You should try to eat something he said

I'm not hungry she said

I don't know what to tell you he said

She turned to him

His back was to her

as he finished scanning the newspaper

folding it up and tossing it on the table

I'm meeting Larry for 9 holes tonight

before it gets dark he said

She watched him pick up his clubs at the door

Cheer up he said Take a nap and I'll see you later

He pulled the door closed behind him

A nap won't help this she murmured

as a tear slid down her cheek

landing on the newspaper

mixing with the ink and

forming a black blob on the page

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