Morning Joe

By Jill Sharon Kimmelman
When it comes to our morning cup of joe 
it seems that everyone has an opinion 
no two ever agree

Even a few self-proclaimed “purists” have been known 
to eagerly request second mugs of my celebrated
cobbled-together, bordering-on-celestial, coffee creations

Perhaps it is the absence of foam, in its place
an impossible-to-resist-infused-whipped cream,
a tower of infinite taste possibilities 

Possibly, it is freshly grated nutmeg with cinnamon
that promises and delivers an accomplishment 
both sweet and mellow

That kind of mellow happens only
when fine Madagascar vanilla is drizzled slowly over
warm brown sugar

Perhaps such unexpected subtlety is the 
key to achieving and delivering those 
first to last decadent swallows

For every empty out-stretched cup, I am your friend with a
a smile who fills them all up

It is always on the menu, never pushed aside to promote

My coffee creations come in comfortable mugs
with little fanfare and a 
come-on-in-and-rest-a-while-welcome smile.

©️Jill Sharon Kimmelman
Spring 2018

Published by, Winter 2021
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