This Life

By Fred Appelhanz

  This Life


This life…

Time in incremental moments.

Little do we understand

the significance in our choices.

Chaos and serenity intertwine,

like fingers of morning mist.

Hatred and love embrace,

in a symphony of emotions.

This life…

Knows no limits,

Knows no wrong,

Knows no logic,

Only movement.


This life…

Our moment of humanity.

Fleeting are our experiences,

that create who we become.

Cynicism dances with hope,

pirouetting on the abyss.

Loneliness remembers rapture,

in memories of truth.

This life…

Feels no pain,

Feels no regret,

Feels no desire,

Only itself.


This life…

A parade of human spirits.

Cornucopia of encounters,

images in a single atom.

Music holds hands with silence,

lost in each other’s heart.

Reality whispers with fantasy;

sharing secrets of ancient riddles.

This life…

Carries our dreams,

Carries our passion,

Carries our meaning,

Living, living, living.

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