The Eloquence of Silence

By Fred Appelhanz
  The Eloquence of Silence 

Suspended in a moment, 
I am reflective in the stillness.
Time becomes infinite, 
caught between breathes. 
Awe-inspiring in simplicity,
nurturing my spirit. 
Letting the rapture grow, 
enfolding me, silence smiles.

Muted sounds are suspended,
words become meaningless.
Simple reassuring solace, 
buffers the insanity. 

Silence absorbs crippling fear,
absorbing constant doubt, 
absorbing my love. 
Linger in my mind, 
quietly, reassuring.
Linger in my soul, 
empowering stability.

A moment of peaceful calm 
envelopes my chaotic present,
a reward for determination. 
I’m caught in magical nothingness, 
therein lies, 
the eloquence of silence.
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