By Fred Appelhanz



When a sunset reveals its magnificence,

In wondrous hues and delights,

taking my breath away;

I will whisper your name.


In the stillness of a moonlit night,

enfolding all senses with its serenity,

giving my soul reassurance;

I will whisper your name.


As life evolves in heartfelt experiences,

capturing moments of incredible clarity,

bringing a smile to my heart;

I will whisper your name.


The sound of rain, sight of snowflakes,

reminders of intimate conversations,

causing me to tremble;

I will whisper your name.


Cuddling of lover’s fingertips,

while listening with only their eyes,

witnessing a universe of just two;

I will whisper your name.


Pleasures of consoling assurance,

dwell in your laughter and smile,

when magic stirs the air;

I will whisper your name.





In a baby’s eyes, hints of amazing secrets,

in an embrace of true tenderness,

in a glancing touch of love;

I will whisper…


When the night is completely silent,

the only sound, one beating heart,

my soul searching for solace;

I will…


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