Grandma's Apron

By Fred Appelhanz

  Grandma’s Apron


Grandma’s dirty apron,

stories within stains.


Grease, from fried chicken,

famous for its crispness.

The large, red imprint,

remnant of my bloody nose.

A smudge of dark soil,

growing organic food.

The sweet, sugary blotch,

created by pie baking.

Patches of our hair,

remnants from burr cuts.

A clear, special crease,

spot for emotional tears.

Old, caked areas of salt,

testament to loving sweat.

Wrinkles and random rips,

skirmishes with a wringer washer.


Grandma’s spirit radiates.

To her voice I still hearken.

I continue to recall her smile

and heartfelt, genuine welcome.

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