By Fred Appelhanz

You say I am free.
How free may I be?
Wearing my invisible chains
of illiteracy and poverty.
My children’s children never to
experience a look of acceptance.

You say I am free.
Archaic hidden rules limit me.
Shackled by discrimination
in a society of limited opportunity.
Sincerely acknowledge to me
the brutality of complete ownership.

You say I am free.
But my eyes do not see,
a world of equal justice.
My soul tires of inequities,
slowly choking my vibrant people.
Our past mysterious, our future hopeless.

You say I am free.
Disdain and hatred my reality.
Becoming a remarkable person,
to know true freedom completely.
The cries and screams of my ancestors,
reminders of a bitter, appalling history.
I am still imprisoned in a never-ending struggle, 
haunted by the ghost of slavery.
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5% of sales benefit the Durham Literacy Center. This medium-dark roast blend is a partnership with our fellow B-Corp Certified friends at Lulu Press.

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