Forever Entwined

By Fred Appelhanz

     Forever Entwined


When the highest of mountains

are whittled to mere clumps,

small homes for tiny creatures,

Our love will remain.


When the oceans of the world,

dwindle to small puddles,

oases for tiny blades of grass,

Our love will remain.


When the sound of many voices

shrinks to a single syllable,

to wither and disappear,

Our love will remain.


For our love knows no limits

of earthly time or space.

Amongst the enlightened spirits,

Our love will remain.


Imprinted by hope

enveloped by goodness,

Our spirits, forever entwined.

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5% of sales benefit the Durham Literacy Center. This medium-dark roast blend is a partnership with our fellow B-Corp Certified friends at Lulu Press.

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