Farmstead Intimacy

By Fred Appelhanz

 Farmstead Intimacy


Let the aches and pains

remind me of the contentment

I experience when

working with my hands.

Gentle wind in my face,

sun caressing my back,

sweat stings my eyes

as I work upon the land.


The smell of exposed soil,

memories of spring time plantings,

struggling to curb my excitement

in anticipation of plants to grow.

Whether an orchard or garden,

I reflect upon Nature’s wonder.

Smiling at the mystery,

when seedlings push-up from below.


Reflecting on loving advice,

when using tools of my forefathers,

what some would call toil

has evolved into poetry.

As I labor in quiet enjoyment,

witnessed by cottontails,

blue jays and squirrels,

I hum a thankful melody.

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