By Duane L Herrmann


the unknown species

that roamed the earth

before The Flood,


what the Bible said is true.

Or, so it seemed

in 1705

when a five pound tooth

was found

in the Hudson River Valley

near Claverack.

Cotton Mather preached

on the beast

and its demise

at the hand of an angry God.

A hundred years before dinosaurs

would be discovered,

this monstrous beast

captured the imagination

of Americans

as their own Great Thing!

Today we know

it was a mastodon,

not mammoth

as mistaken for.

The incognitum

was awesome to behold,

with the bones assembled,

but backward tusks,

and a dinner party

held beneath!

“Might some still be

in the unknown west?”

Mused the President

who sent Lewis and Clark to look.


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