By Duane L Herrmann

We have explored

the continents,

the oceans,

though not completely,

and the universe

that we can reach.

We have explored

our bodies

and our minds,

though we’re not done,

but isn’t it time

for our final frontier:

the human spirit-soul?

What gives us dreams

that we then achieve?

What keeps us going

despite impossible odds?

How can we survive

the un-survivable?

And, why

will we risk our life

for someone else,

loved one or unknown?

We do it all the time,

Of course. Why not?”

Are we fools?

Or, is there something more,

some great attitude we have

which spurns us on

to do for others,

more than ourselves?

What is this?

Why do we?

Why don’t we know

more –

the human heart?



Ichnographical: 173, c 2016

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