Angelic Source

By Duane L Herrmann

Evening darkness shrouded

and cloaked the land,

colors disappeared.

Trees went black against

the faint gray sky.

The whippoorwill called

from far away, then nearer:

calling each time closer,

then the tree before me.

Suddenly, in flight

it saw me, unusual there.

Shimmering white form hovered,

wings and tail whirring

suspended in the air

examining this creature, me,

and I it.

Two curious beings

intent on the other,

time stood still.

Here was the form of angels

of popular belief,

but tiny – bird sized,

in the air above.
Now I understood:

the form, the source;

not imagination,

but nearly apparition.

~ Duane L Herrmann


Remnants of a Life, c.2019

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