Out in the Park

By Doug Stuber
Out in the park, under the snow
The heartless brain-deads oblivious go
Mocking our invisible Joe 
Still the Facebook falsehoods blow
As far as logarithms grow.
Secret seventies lost then found
Subpoenaed, still won’t make a sound,
Rule of law is gagged and bound 
Democracy itself is drowned
And buried under haunted ground.
Like all peaceful men I fear
The time is nigh, and war is near.
Time to pack survival gear
Supply chains cut, we’re in arrears
To bear arms or light up a beer?
The weak response shows little fight
The universe cares not who’s right
As climate change droughts into blight
Humanity slips into arctic night 
The demons dance, chaos delights.
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5% of sales benefit the Durham Literacy Center. This medium-dark roast blend is a partnership with our fellow B-Corp Certified friends at Lulu Press.

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