Cool Beans

By Cynthia Gallaher

shade-grown coffee 

shields me from the sun,


even giant coffee beans

won’t stunt my growth,


its daily grind protects me 

from my regular foibles


enriching me 

in aroma, antioxidants,


benchmarking my weight goal to match

a sack of its unroasted beans – 60 kilos.


there’s something sweet in coffee’s bitterness,

a bright morning in its darkness.


this Ethiopian bean splits

a double-sided headiness


and offers ultimate sips 

toward intelligence, concentration,


and as for conversation, it’s sister to gardenia’s 

star-like blossoms forming a snowy belt 


between tropics of Cancer and Capricorn,

in fruition,


caffeinated sky watchers 

stay awake past midnight


to see constellations

even to sunrise


that place in time

where a fresh pot is surely waiting.


Fuel your muse

5% of sales benefit the Durham Literacy Center. This medium-dark roast blend is a partnership with our fellow B-Corp Certified friends at Lulu Press.

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