Featured poem of November 2021

Raining Coffee

By Antino Art

On rainy days down South,
I look up poems set in Seattle,

then look back 

at the rain set against 

the window

I’d like to think the water 

was imported
from the shores of their bay:
carried across Pike Place, 

through Belltown,
in buckets used to carry 

Pacific salmon off fishing boats,
or in lidded Styrofoam cups for 

clam chowder to-go

I practice walking through 

those rainy days without 

an umbrella, 

past the laundromat and the liquor store 

of a strip mall in South Florida.

When I step into the electric 

glow of a 24-hour Dunkin Donuts, 

my inner Seattleite kicks in: 

even-keeled in wet socks, 

un-rushed as freeway traffic 

when its piss pouring outside

I renounce sugary accoutrements, 

and have what he’s having 

3,000 miles NW of here:

Black coffee, 

with a splash 

of rain,



a balance perfected on 

slanted hill streets
that breed more caffeinated 

poetry addicts
than anywhere else

New York City 

can have its deferred 

dreams of Harlem 

San Francisco can Howl 

from its gold bridge

I think I should just have 


this coffee, 

and this rainy day,
as the poem it is.



-A. Art Ronin | @raleighisforronin

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