Featured poem of August 2021

Coffee Ode

By Alice Osborn
Without Goddess Kaffeina

as this nectar of creativity,
words drizzle on blank leaves
and the monkey mind checks Facebook
at the top and bottom of the minute.
Hours later, my purse retains your perfumed heat.
Stay the preventer of headaches and weak limbs
as I fight flash floods, picking up the kids
in a baby hurricane.
Just today I swallowed your fair trade cinnamon bean
ripened in shade-grown trees,
while writing longhand in my favorite café
with purple lamp shades
and yellow couches where thousands
of brewed drops have spilled.
Thanks to gulping your mocha ambrosia
while she expanded in my womb,
my six-year-old daughter steals sips
of my Sunday brew,                  
hooked for eternity
on condensing the mysteries
of a thousand-year-old berry
for the small price of water and electricity.
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