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Larry's Coffee

Frankie's Blend

Heavier bodied, dark roasted blend of Sumatra & other Secrets. Sweet with hints of toasted caramel.
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Frankie's Blend

Frankie's Blend

Farmer Info

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Roasting Notes

By taking just a little more time in the roasting drum, taking the coffee to a darker roast level, we bring out the caramel-like sweetness within our Sumatran beans. When they are combined with a dark roasted SECRET sidekick, the resulting blend is the best of both worlds: a full body balanced with a nice, bright acidity. Flavors of dark chocolate and earth, caramel, and confectioner's sugar combine within a rich and complex brew that leads to a smooth finish. We get there by combining different roasting styles for each component of the blend, ensuring a lively interplay within the cup.

Fair Trade Proof

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