$ 13.78

Central and South Americans together make magic for the trail.
Our most popular blend is a bold and rich mix of Indonesian and American coffees. Sumatra brings a rustic earthiness to the cup, which is balanced beautifully with the buttery smoothness of coffee from Nicaragua. Roasted to a level of darkness which brings out a full-bodied sweetness, but not so dark as to obscure the complex combination of flavors in the cup spicy, roasty, and smoky. The secret to this blend is in its slightly unconventional roasting style, which pulls out many tricks from the book of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and airflow in the roasting drum. What makes Cowboy Blend so eminently drinkable is its effortless ability to be both brusque and smooth. If it were a person, you'd call them ruggedly handsome.

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