Awake In Class

$ 16.00 / 12 oz Bag

At Larry's Coffee we know our coffee is there in the early mornings, during the long days at practice, and the little breaks in the day where you check in with yourself while taking a sip. We wanted to find a way for those moments to mean a little more so we created a new blend called Awake in Class.  Like all of our blends, this medium roasted blend with bright flavors of dark cocoa, dried apricots, cherries and walnuts is filled with 100% organic, fair trade beans. 

As a bonus, $2 for every bag purchases will be put into a fund that we will set aside for Wake County teachers and teaching assistants to receive $500 grants that they can use in their classrooms to help benefit the students!

  • 12 oz Bag ($16.00)