Animal Companions

We think that sustainability is about more than just changing your light bulbs, recycling, or even treating your fellow humans better. We'd like to see it include a more compassionate approach to how we deal with all living creatures.

There are abandoned and stray pets all over the place. So many that 250,000 pounds of animals in LA County are euthanized each month. Thats 3,000,000 pounds per year in LA County alone! And life's not that much fun for the ones who get away either - stray pets suffer horrible diseases, they get into fights, and they often go hungry. That's why Larry's Beans works hard to look after the stray cats that hang around our warehouse. You've got to stay friendly with the neighbors after all! And don't forget, it's not just pets that get a rough deal. Many farm animals are treated horribly too. By buying organic, free-range and humanely reared animal products, you can help ensure a better life for our non-human buddies.

Follow these links to find out more:

Best Friends Pet Adoption
Next time you are thinking of having an animal companion (pet) in your life, check out these folks or others like your local SPCA.
Operation Catnip
One abandoned female cat can turn into thousands of cats in a matter of 3 or 4 years. If you have the disposition to care for a colony of feral cats in your local, operation catnip may be able to assist in the spaying of your colony.
Alley Cat
A fantastic site to educate you on stray or feral cats.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Want to start thinking about living in a way that treats animals better? Start here. Peta is serious about all the issues, but they also have a fun, rebellious spirit. (Standing up for the issues you care about should be fun. Peta gets it!)